From now on it is possible to set up a required shift in the schedule.
In the blink of an eye you can now see if the schedule meets the required shifts.

In the schedule we have now added the Required shift. With this new feature you can now immediately see to what requirements the schedule needs to meet.

You can set up a required shift per team or you can set up a general required shift for the entire department.

For example: You could now state that there should be exactly 3 day shifts.
When you scheduled just two shifts you can see clearly now that 1 shift is missing.

The required shift can be added with the plus on the selected day. It is also possible to add a required shift by simply clicking on the shift and drag this shift to the required shift.

From the required shifts you can drag the shifts directly to the employees, like this making a schedule has never been easier.

With the shift counter in the required shift (green/red) it is shown if the schedule meets the required amount of shifts.

See the image below to see what the possibilities are for the required shifts.

This is how you can set up a required shift:
Team: Select for which team the required shifts needs to be.
Shift: The shift that is required to meet the needs.
Required shift: In what way the shift needs to be counted.
- At least
- At most
- Exactly
Instances: The amount of shifts.
Time settings: The times that the shifts should meet.
- Start and end time are irrelevant
- Start and end time have to be outside
- Has to start at
- Has to end at
- Start and end time have to be exactly: xx:xx and xx:xx
If the time settings need to match then a start and end time are required.
Description: This can only be seen when you open the required shift.

With this setting it is possible to show what is required at certain times or at a certain period.

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