All Absence types of employees in a clear overview.

ID - Assigned ID from the system to the employee.

Employee nr - Employee No.

Name - Employee name.

Type - The type of registered absence.

Startdate - Startdate of absence.

Enddate - Enddate of absence.

Start time - The start time of absence.

End time - The end time of absence.

Daypart - The number of days of requested absence.

Days - The number of absence days.

Wait hours - The wait hours for an employee's account during sickness. Waiting hours calculation is defined in the employee's contract. Here you can choose to deduct working hours or vacation hours.

Hours - Total hours of all absences

Total - Total hours of all absences excluding the wait hours.

Surcharge - Which surcharge applies for the absence.

Salary - Salary.

Coc - Indication of employee costs, taking in account the cost of company.

Status - Status of the requested absence. Approved / Declined / Pending.

Contract Type - Type of contract applicable.

Department - Under which department the absence fell.

Created - Date of requested absence.

Created by - Who applied for the absence.

Updated - Date of last mutation.

Modified by - Who made the last mutation.

Reviewed - Date of approval.

Reviewed by - By whom the request was approved.

Note - Note if added in the absence request.

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