With this software you can manually manage the absence types. This feature is quite useful when you have more absence types than our standard offer.

Here you can manage the absence types:

Managing absence types
To find the absence types go to Settings > Employees > Absence types.

Absence types overview

Adding an absence type

An absence type can be added by clicking on the top right add absence type button.

Name: Name of the absence type.
Icon: The icon which is shown with the absence type.
Color: The color of the absence type.
Surcharge: The surcharge percentage which should be registered with this absence type.
Order: The order of which this absence type should appear in the list.
Deduct hours from vacation hours: Whether the hours are deducted from the vacation hours by this absence type.
Supports vacation accrual: Whether the absence type supports vacation accrual.
Supports wait hours: If wait hours are needed for this absence.
Must be counted as: Here you can choose between leave and non-attendence.
Can be requested by: Here you can add permission groups that can request this absence.

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