Turnover reporting reflects revenue indicated through the log, turnover and the expenses  are shown per department per day.

Date - Dates per department.

Location - Location name.

Department - Department name.

Turnover - Sales indicated in the journal.

Expected turnover - Sales revenue forecast in the schedule tab.

Expenses - Expenses posted in the log.

Timesheet pay - Total salary approved by the hourly registration for this department, provided that hourly wages are indicated for the employees.

Vacation pay - Total salary that is registered on vacation pay for this department.

Sick pay - Total salary under sick pay for this department.

Holiday pay - Total salary that falls under holiday pay for this department.

Special leave pay - Total wage costs covered by special leave for this department.

Maternity leave pay - Total wage costs covered by maternity leave for this department.

Wage - Total labor costs of all pay types together.

Coc Salary - Wage costs at company level. Estimate of what the company is paying on total wage costs.

Coc - An estimate of the cost for the company based on the twisted hours.

Hours worked - Total of hours worked.

Hours absent - Total absence in hours.

Sick leave percentage - The percentage of registered sickness hours in comparison to contract hours.

Turnover per hour - Turnover divided by the number of hours worked.

Salary per hour - Salary divided by the number of hours worked.

Percentage of turnover - Percentage of salary relative to revenue.

Percentage of Coc - Percentage of cost of company in respect of sales.

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