Every employee has a contract. That contract is automatically created when creating an employee.

To manage contracts, go to the Employees tab. Here you click on the name of an employee whose contracts you want to manage. Then click on Contracts on the menu bar. Here you will find an overview of all contracts.

Note! The contracts within the application differ from the physical contracts. The contracts in the application are used as the basis for the calculations the system does. With any salary adjustment or contract-hours update, a contract must be renewed.

Change contract
The contract of an employee can be changed by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side. A popup appears in which the contract can be modified. From here on out it's possible to set the contract type.

Note! When a contract is changed, all data in the past will be adjusted within the contract period. If you do not want this, you must end the current contract (by entering a final date) and create a new contract.

  • Department, the standard department of the employee.
  • Contract type, contract type that applies to the employee.
  • Function, which the employee practices within your organization.
  • From, the date from which the contract starts.
  • To, the period when the contract expires. This field does not have to be filled when an employee has an indefinite contract.
  • Hourly wage is used in the schedule and reporting filters to estimate the cost.
  • Vacation calculation, the calculation that must take place to calculate the number of vacation hours.
  • Wage tax, here you indicate if there is a payroll tax.
  • Contract hours per day, based on contract hours, are calculated plus minus hours, vacation hours and salary.
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