Starting out with one location and one department already given to you. When a company has over 40 employees, we advise to use additional departments.

The advantage of using additional departments is that each department can have its own employees and settings. This makes the schedule and timesheet registration a lot more clearer, because not all employees are in a single long overview.

Benefits of working with departments

  • News posts can be posted by department
  • The schedule can be made by department
  • Hours can be kept per department
  • Reporting can be done by location or department
  • Employee list is shown by department
  • Absence is requested by department
  • Employees can be exchanged between departments

Add Locations & Departments
Adding a location or department can be done by going to Settings > Locations.
Here you will find an overview of all locations and departments in the system.

By clicking on the green + Location group button, a location can be added. Through + Location you can add a department.

Edit locations and departments
By clicking on the pencil icon behind a location or department it can be edited.

Note! Changes can only be made to an active location or department. Make sure that you first activate the department.

Note! When a department is deactivated and timetracking is done with clock in actions. Edit the contract department to the new clock department. For example, time tracking is written to the correct department.

Delete locations or department
By clicking on the cross icon behind a location or department it can be deactivated. When a location is deactivated, all underlying departments are immediately inactive.

Note! Before you deactivate a location or department, make sure the employees are at least active in one or more active departments. "Teams & permissions" update.

Switch between locations or departments
After creating a location or department, you can select which departments you want to be shown.


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