The holidays are coming and your company is closed, what to do now?
To ensure your employees do not receive negative hours we need to registrate these hours as an absence.

For this we can use the absence type National holiday. This type of absence does not cost the employee his or her vacation hours.

Do keep in mind that an absence is always a snapshot. Because contracts can change in the course of a year we recommend that you register the national holiday when you are planning the schedule in that specific period.

In the following steps you can read how to add the national holiday for your employees.

For a single employee:

  • Head to the Employee tab.
  • Click on the name of the employee.
  • Go to the Absence tab.
  • Click on the green Add absence button and select the absence type National holiday.

For multiple employees at once:

  • Head to the Employees tab.
  • Check the boxes next to the names of the employees to select multiple employees.
  • Click on the green Bulk actions button and select Add absence.
  • Select the absence type national holiday.
  • Select the day or days of this absence type.
  • With intermediate shifts you can decide what to do with the shifts in the schedule.
  • The hours are now automatically corresponded to either the contract or the schedule, depending on their contract type.
  • Check the automatic filled data or edit these manually if needed.
  • Click on the green Save button to save the absence.

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