An overview of the steps to help set up an account.

Creating locations and departments

Depending on the size of the company, locations and departments can be created.
An overview of the structure can be found here.

The management of this is found under: Settings > Locations.


Setting up permissions

Default user group for new employees is Employee. By default there are four user groups that you can choose from. The rights groups can be found under: Settings > Permissions.


  • Employee
  • Planner
  • Manager
  • Administrator

The permissions are pre-defined. For example, the one who makes the planning, can be given the planning "rights". It will not do any harm to walk through the different permission groups and settings.

Contract types
The available contract types can be found through Settings > Employees > Contract types.
There are two default contract types:

  • Zero hours
  • Fixed hours

Adding an employee
Employees can be added in the Employees tab. Click on + Add employee to add a new employee.
When you use the checkbox All user information you can add all the employee details and contract.

Attention! When creating a new employee, it is mandatory to fill in a first and a last name.
Don't forget to add an e-mail adress if the user needs access to the dashboard. Add the contract type and if there are any fixed hours, indicate those per day.

Next it's possible to create schedules and adding timesheets. Please contact us for questions for help setting up the account.

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