Shifts that are used on a regular base can be added to the list. This allows you to easily add a shift with a simple click and drag motion into the schedule. In the schedule tab it is possible to manage shifts.

Add shift
A new shift can be added by clicking the green + Add shift button in the schedule on the left side, behind <Shifts/Teams.

Here you can find the name of the shift, corresponding times and description can be added.

  • Name of shift.
  • Short name shown in the timetable.
  • Description of the shift.
  • From / to: The default working hours of the shift.
  • Pause: The default pause of the shift.
  • Hide end time in the schedule.
  • Rate card applicable to the shift.
  • Order in which shifts are shown.
  • Color that is shown in the schedule.

Edit shift
An existing shift can be eddited by hoovering on the shift and clicking on the pencil. Here you can customize and submit to save the shift.

Note! Time settings in a shift are not implemented retroactively into the schedule. Only color and name are retroactively included in the scheduled shifts.

Delete shift
A shift can be removed by clicking on the bin icon. After confirmation, the shift is permanently removed from the list.

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