With rate cards you can automatically calculate surcharges for given periods of time.

These configurations can be found under: Settings > Employees > Rate cards. If there are additional surcharge rates needed, they can be added under: Settings > Employees > Surcharges.

Here you can add a new rate card by clicking on + Add ratecard.

Rate cards can be managed by clicking on the little pencil on the right side. It's possible to add or change existing rate card.

In this example, on Thursday from 18:00 onwards a Pay surcharge of 150% and a 200% surcharge on public holidays.

It is important to pay attention to the Payout or Plus-min columns. Usually employees with a fixed hour contract get their surcharges in Plus-minus and the 0 hour contracts get their surcharges paid out on their salary.

These rate card can be linked to a contract type.
The surcharges are then active on all linked contracts.

Linking a rate card with a contract
To link a rate card into a contract type go to: Settings > Contract types.

Contract types can be managed by clicking on the little pencil on the right side.
Next you can select the surcharge card that applies.
These rate cards will automatically calculate the surcharges in a timesheet or schedule.

Adding a rate card to a shift
To link a rate card to a shift, go to the schedule.
On the left side of the timetable, at >Shifts/Teams, you can find an overview of all shifts.
By scrolling over the name of a shift, a little pencil icon appears.
By clicking on it you can alter the shift and set the rate card which applies to it.
Next, the system will automatically calculate the surcharge for the selected shift in the schedule and timesheet registration.


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