In the Timesheet tab you can approve the worked hours, only approved hours go to the reports and salary administration. In the tab you will find all the planned hours for the specified day. On the left side of the screen you can approve or decline the hours. All hours can be adjusted by for example the Planner.

By clicking on Close Day the day can be closed. This will prevent making any further alterations to that day. If you want to alter the worked hours, click Edit timesheet to open the day. By default, only Manager and Administrator have the permissions to edit the timesheet for any given day.

Through the button Approve, you can change all timesheet statuses records at once to approved, declined or pending.
Closing timesheets can only be done on a day to day base. The current day and all days in the past can be closed off.

Note! When you close the current day, no alterations can be made. Employees who are still clocked can no longer clock out and get the Error notification, Failed to save

Using the calendar through Open/close days, you can easily see which days are closed.

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