Reports > Employees (In)Active reports show employees personal data.

User ID - Assigned system ID for the employee.

Employee nr - Employee No.

Location - Under which location the employee is located.

Department - Under which department the employee is included in his contract, the employees can return under several departments, but the contract department is leading.

First name - First name employee.

Prefix - Prefix.

Last name - Last name.

Email - E-mail address.

Address - Address.

Zipcode - Zipcode.

City - City.

Hire date - Date the employee joined the company.

Startdate - Startdate of the contract in the system.

Enddate - Enddate of the contract, empty if contract is permanent.

Birthdate - Date of Birth.

Birth place - Place of Birth

Nationality - Nationality of employee.

SSN - Social Security Number.

Bank account - Bank account number.

Phone - Home phone number.

Mobile - Mobile number.

Emergency nr. - Emergency phone number.

Function - Function description of the employee.

Contract Type - Type of contract used by Employee.

Hourly wage - Hourly wages.

Contract hours - Number of fixed contract hours per week.

Last login - Date of last login. This date doesn't confirm the last visit of the employee to the site. Session Cookies need not be expired to gain access the site.

Logins - The total amount of logins via the website of the employee.

Vacation hours remaining - Current employee's vacation hours.

Vacation hours at end of 2020 - The expected amount of leave hours by the end of this year.

Created by - The person that added the employee to the account.

Modified by - The person that last edited the employee files.

Notes - Notes kept by the employer.

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