Working times may vary from time to time. For employees with a fixed contract, this means that so-called plus and min hours must be calculated. If there are more worked hours than included in the contract, then we will speak of plus hours. If less hours are worked than the contract states, we speak of min hours. The plus and min hours in ShiftBase are automatically calculated and shown clearly.

Contract Types
Per contract type their can be indicated if you want to keep track of plus min hours. The settings for this can be found under: Settings > Employees > Contract types. Here you'll find all the contracts with a pencil behind it to make certain changes.

Set up contract
To process the plus and min hours, enter the fixed number of contract hours of the employee.

This information can be enhanced by:

  • Employee tab> Click on the employee > Contracts > Click the pencil next to Current Contract.

For example, you will find the overview of the employee's current contract. By clicking right on the pencil you can change the contract data.

The plus min hours are calculated based on the number of contract hours per day. For example, the employee has a contract of 40 hours a week and for example that there are 42 hours worked in that week, then the employee has 2 plus hours. During the hour registration, the plus min hours are automatically updated for the employee. The plus min hours are updated weekly and can be found at the employee under My plus minus hours and in the Plus min hours report.

Detailed week overview
In the detailed weekly overview, the plus min hours can be from day to day. Click on the downwards facing arrow for the relevant week to show this overview.

Plus min hours report
You can see a summary of the plus and min hours with this report. For example, you can look into the hours by team, department or office. The filters allows you to specify how the hours should be grouped by day, week or total.

Correction Plus and Minutes
You can make a correction on employees plus and min hours. With a correction, a starting balance can be entered. It is also possible to take hours to the employee's salary. In the Employee tab under Plus Min Hours you will find + Add correction.

  • Correction plus min hours.
  • Pay out plus min hours.

Here you specify the date on which the plus or min hours should be added.
Pay attention! This date must be within the employee's contract. In case of a negative balance, add "-" minus in front of the number. We recommend adding a small description to the correction.

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