Set up MFA

Multifactor authentication is a safe way for you and your employees to log in.
In that way you and your employees can, with the help of a authenticator app, configure a multifactor authentication for your account.

Authentification in two steps creates an extra layer of security. After this is set up, when you log in to your account, next to your password you will also need a verifcation code.

Authenticator app

Step 1

For the configuration you need to download an authenticator app for your smartphone. Here are a few examples:

Step 2

To configure the multifactor authentication please go to user name > My login and click on Setup Multifactor authentication

It's also possible to make this mandatory for your employees. When logging in, the employee directly sees the configuration screen for the multifactor authentication. This needs to be set up immediately to gain access to the account.

Step 3

Depending on the authenticator app which is being used you either scan the QR code for automatic configuration or retype the code in the authenticator app.

Step 4

After confirmation of the current code the settings can be saved.

Back-up settings

We highly recommend the use of a back-up email when you make use of the multifactor authentication. So that the account can be used when the employee has no access to his or her smartphone.

A back-up email address can be set up at User name > My login > Backup email.
This needs to be a different email address then the log in email address. With a back-up email address you can receive a login link to be given access to your account.

Warning! It is highly recommended to carefully secure your back-up code. With the use of this code in the case of loss, theft or a broken phone you could still turn off the multifactor authentication.

When an empoloyee has no access to their back-up

If the employee has no access to their back-up code and also has not configured a back-up e-mail then the administrator can turn the Multifactor authentication off for the employee.

The administrator can do this by heading towards the Employee tab.
Here you click on the employee for whom the Multifactor authentication needs to be turned off.
In the Summary at Personal information a red button called Disable MFA.

Warning! This can only be done when the Multifactor authentication is not forced by the administrator.

In the case that no one has access to the account

When you do not have the MFA code at your disposal or when the manager can not switch this off, you will have to contact our helpdesk.

To regain access to your account we need the following information:

Take a picture of you and your ID card and sent this together with your account email address, and your first and last name to [email protected].

The subject for the email should be: Resetting MFA authenticator (also stating your company name).


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