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My availability

My absense

My overtime




  • On the dashboard you'll see your first upcoming shift as well as the total amount of shift and time registrations for the current week. On the bottom of the page you can clock in. When currently clocked in you'll have a timer which displays how long you're currently clocked in.


  • My open shifts. When you have been invited for an open shift you can view and accept it here.
  • My exchanges. When you have sent an exchange request you can see the status here. If you received an exchange request you can accept or decline the exchange request here.
  • Total. This option is available if you have the permission to approve absence requests. On the top of the screen you can select for which location you want to view the requests and then accept or decline them.


  • View news items. When you select a news item from the list the entire news item will be displayed as well as any document attached to it. If you have permission to place a comment you can do so by pressing the blue button with the + sign.


  • My schedule. Here you can view your own schedule for the currently selected week. On the top of the screen you can select which month to view. When you select a shift you'll be able to view details for that shift. If you're allowed to make the schedule you can add shifts for yourself to the schedule via the blue + button.
  • Schedule. Here you can view the location specific schedule on a daily basis. When you select a shift you can view the details of that shift. When viewing the details for your own shift when pressing the gear wheel icon you'll find the icon to exchange a shift. If you're allowed to make the schedule you can add shifts for that location by pressing the blue gear wheel button and selecting +.
  • My open shifts. If you've received an invitation for an open shift you'll find the invitation here.

  • My hours. Here you'll find an overview for all your time registation for the currently selected month. When the registrated time has also been approved you'll see how much total time has been approved and if available the associated wage. With the blue button you can add your worked hours.
  • Time registration. View the registrated time per department. When you press a registration you'll see the details for that registration. With the blue button you can then edit the registration.
  • Checked in. If you have the rights to view the timesheets for all employees then all currently clocked in employees are displayed here.

My availability:

  • This page lets you fill in your availability. Due to display limitations availability can only be filled in on  a per day basis.

My absence:

  • An overview of your current absence balance and your absence requests. With the blue button you can add an absence request. When you select a request you can view the details.

My overtime:

  • If overtime is being tracked you'll find an overview here. The overview is shown in weeks. If you'd like to see a detailed view of that week you can press the week to fold it open. 


  • If you have permission to view employee data you'll see a list of the employees for your department. When you select an employee you'll see a short overview of the employee.
  • When you have a management function you can see an overview of that employees: schedule, time registration, overtime and absence. 
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