With this quick start guide we'll explain how to quickly and efficiently start working with the software.

From your employeer you'll recieve an invitation by e-mail. With this e-mail you can create a password for your account. With the e-mail and password you can directly log in. If you've forgotten your password you can reset it here.

With the my schedual page lets you view you schedule for the current month. In the right hand corner you can change the month. When installed the mobile app will send a push notification if any changes are made.
On the right you have a column for availability. If the box is red you can no longer edit your availabilty for that week. If the box is green you can still edit your abvailability for that week. Read more.

With the my hours tab show you all your registrated time along with the status of that registration. In the top right you can select the period you'd like to see. Read more.

With the my absence tab you can view your vacation hours and request absence. You can also see your previously requested absences and their status. Read more.

Mobile app.
We also have a mobile app which lets you always and anywhere view your schedule, submit absence or view your registrated hours. Read more.


An extended manual is also available.

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