Worked hours can manually be added under the Timesheet tab.

By default, the scheduled shifts are copied from the schedule to the timesheet registration on a day to day base.
These settings can be set under: Settings > Timesheet.
The scheduled shifts return in to the timesheets with the status on Pending (Grey).

If there is a difference, the scheduled hours can be adjusted to the actual worked hours.
If there is no scheduled shift in the timesheet, it can be manually added.
Hours can be added by clicking on + Add timesheet behind an employee's name.

When the hours have been entered correctly, the status of the shifts must be adjusted to Approved (Green). When all the hours are checked and approved the day can be closed. No adjustments can be made after the day is closed.

Registration can be done by the supervisor or by the employees themselves, depending on how the permissions are set.

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