Skills can be assigned to both employees and shifts.
It can be shown at a glance which employee has the required skills. You'll also see a warning notification when you've scheduled an employee who lacks the skill required for that shift.

You can add skills by going to Settings > Employees > Skills. First you'll have to add a skill group followed by a skill.

With this you can add which skills the employee possesses. When going to Employees please click the employee in question and click on Edit. After selecting the skills the employee possesses press the save button on the bottom of the page.

When you filter on the skills in the schedule you can now clearly see which employee has the requested skill!

You can also add a skill to your shift.
In the schedule it's possible to edit a standard shift by clicking on the pencil icon behind the shift. Through the advanced settings you can select the various required skills.

You'll see a notification appear when the scheduled employee is missing the required skills for that shift.

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