With the use of employee availability, you can easily make a schedule for your employees. Availability can be set from the Dashboard > My schedule, or the Schedule tab.

The availability settings can be found under: Settings > Permissions > Availability. By default, employees can already indicate their own availability.

Availability reminders
It is possible to set automated availability reminders, reminders can be sent to the employees at departmental level. Through Settings > Schedule > Availability you can indicate when the reminder should be sent. Employees may make changes to the availability until a certain number of days before the period starts. Thus, the employee's availability is fixed after that period. Minimum specified days per week can be given for employees to provide. You can manage the availability reminders by department(s).

Add availability
Through the green button + Add availability, availability can be added to the personal schedule of the employee. The employees can find these settings in Dashboard under My schedule, Availability. Availability can be specified up to a year in advance.

Preferred availability
Here you can define your preferred availability, the planner may take this into account when creating the schedule. If you want to make sure you're not scheduled on a certain date, you should request absence. There are four different types.

Here you can see the availability in color. Green for available and grey for unavailable. If an employee doesn't wish to be scheduled on a certain date, the employee should request an absence.

Mobile app.
In the app a user can define it's preferred availability. The app is doesn't offer the same usability, the availability can be specified here on a daily base instead of weekly. For the mobile web version, the option has been left out.


The user must select his or her own department when using availability. When a user has permissions on multiple departments, but doesn't return in a team, availability cannot be processed.

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