Add news item
In the News tab we offer the possibility to send news item to a department or location.

To add an item, click the + Add news message button.

Here you can add the title and the message. Then select which department's should receive this news item.
When adding, you can indicate whether employees should be notified by e-mail. If an employee has installed the app, the employee will receive a push message on his mobile phone.

You can also add a document or flyer to the message by dragging it to the stated area in the screen. (Max 5 MB)

Add comments
When you want to respond, click on the news article, here you will find the opportunity to add comments.

Edit news item
To do this, click the pencil button on the right side of the news item. Here you can change the news item, then click Save.

Delete news item
Next to a news item you can find the Delete button. This will delete the news item after confirmation.

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