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It is possible to add all your employees to Shiftbase at once through an import. You can do this with a CSV file. You can also choose to add employees manually.


Go to the Employees tab and click on the arrow next to the + Add employee button at the top right, then click on CSV user import.

From this screen you can download a sample CSV file. The first line of this file contains the field names that can be specified. The second line shows an example of a user as it can be recorded. Fill in the data as completely as possible to best capture the employees.

Email: This email address allows the employee to log into Shiftbase

First name: First name of the employee

Last name: Last name of the employee

Contract: Contract type, by default only Zero hours and Fixed hours. Click here to go to Shiftbase and see what types are available.

Team: The default team of the employee

Date employed: Date the employee started working

Phone: Employee's phone number

Mobile: Employee's cell phone number

Emergency number: Employee's emergency number

Street: Street of the employee

City: City of the employee

Postal code: Postal code of the employee

Date of birth: Employee's date of birth

Place of birth: Place of birth of the employee

Nationality: Nationality of the employee

Passport number: Passport number of the employee

Scheduling Note: Scheduling note for the employee

CSN: Citizen service number of the employee

Bank account number: IBAN of the employee

Employee number: Employee number of the employee

Function: Position of the employee

Start date: The date that Shiftbase will be used

End Date: End date of the contract, empty if there is no end date

Salary: The gross hourly wage of the employee. This is not used for payroll, but for calculations like budgeting and salary indications.

Description: Description in the contract of the employee

Contract hours on Monday: Number of fixed contract hours on Monday

Contract hours on Tuesday: Number of fixed contract hours on Tuesday

Contract hours on Wednesday: Number of fixed contract hours on Wednesday

Contract hours on Thursday: Number of fixed contract hours on Thursday

Contract hours on Friday: Number of fixed contract hours on Friday

Contract hours on Saturday: Number of fixed contract hours on Saturday

Contract hours on Sunday: Number of fixed contract hours on Sunday

⚠️ Note: Fields with a ✱ are the minimum required fields for a successful CSV import.

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