Scheduling shifts

Creating standard shifts

Release and/or publishing the schedule

Scheduling shifts

A shift can be added by clicking on the desired date behind an employees name in the schedule.

You will see the following pop-up for planning a shift.

Shift settings

  • User: Here you can select one or more employees for the shift.
  • Team: The team in which the employee (s) runs the shift.
  • Shift: Select the desired shift.
  • Start time: Shift starting time.
  • End time: End of shift.
  • Break: Here you can specify how much break time the employees have, thus not included in the hourly registration.
  • Description: A note can be posted at the shift.

Recurring shift
The shift can be repeated by clicking on Repeat this shift.

Repeat this shift every: Here you can indicate if the shift needs to recur every other week.

Next, select the days the shift should be repeated.

Repeat until: Here you can indicate until which date the shift should be repeated. If left empty, the shift will be scheduled for an indefinite period.

When the shift is done, there is the possibility to inform employees by e-mail.
To do this, please check: Send notification.

Moving and copying a shift

If you want to move or copy a shift from one employee to another, click on the shift with your left mouse button and hold it. You can now drag the shift around.

When moving a shift you have 2 options.
When you release the shift on the left side of the field you're dragging the shift to it will be copied to that employee.

When you release the shift on the right side of the field you're dragging the shift to it

Creating standard shifts

For re-occuring shifts like a day shift, evening shift, an opening or closing shift you can create a standard shift. To do so click on the button "Shifts/Teams" in the top left and then on the green + button.

  • Name: The name of this shift
  • Short name: The name visible in the schedule
  • Description: The optional description of this shift
  • Starttime & Endtime: The hours of this shift
  • Break: The duration of the break, thus not included in the hourly registration.
  • Color: The color the shift will have in the schedule
  • Skills: The optional needed skill an employee needs to have
  • Ratecard: The optional ratecard that this shift requires
  • Order: The order this shift will have amongst the other shifts

You can click and drag the shifts from here unto the schedule directly. The schedule can be displayed on day, week or month level and also per employee or team using the buttons on the top left.
On the top right with the black button View you can find all the available filters.

Release and/or publishing the schedule

When a schedule for a certain period is finished these can be send manually to the concerning employees. This can be done by clicking on the option Send schedule as shown in the image below. The selected employees will then receive an e-mail and a push notification with the aforementioned schedule.
With the option Publish schedule you can select the days in the schedule your employees can see ahead of time but this is without any notification.

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