Time registration can be done in different ways.

  • By the manager, by default, the hours are displayed as shown in the schedule. It is up to the manager to correct and approve these hours were needed.
  • By the employee, an employee can send in his or her worked hours by app or desktop application, these hours will return in the timesheet registration with the status Pending. After a supervisor's approval the hours will be taken up in the registration.
  • By clocking In and out through the app or desktop application. Employees who are using the app will automatically send the clocked hours. At the end of the working day, hours can be approved by a supervisor. These hours can also be automatically approved by the Timesheet settings.
  • By using a clock terminal. An on-site time clock that is directly linked to the software. The terminal can register clock times through a keychain or finger scan for example.

Terminal connected through the internet.
The time clock is available with finger scan or keychain.

In the Timesheet settings you can manage your time settings.

Here you can check out the different possible timesheet settings.

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