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Changes to the settings

What changes can you expect within the settings page?

Shiftbase is working hard to make the application user-friendly. That is also the reason why we adjusting the settings page. In this article, you can read what we have adjusted so far.

Menu and pages
As usual, the settings menu is on the left. We have adjusted the order and some names of the forms. We have done this to make it clearer for you to use.  For example, the previously named “Locations” form has been renamed “Organization.”  This page provides insight into the differences between location, department, and team.
On several pages, you will notice that it looks tidier. This allows you to see more quickly which adjustments you can make for your departments.

Headers and descriptions
On every page, we have added headers and descriptions. As a result, we hope that it is clearer to a user what can be done on the specific page.

Renaming Labels
Furthermore, we have noticed that some of the names of our labels contain jargon. We have made adjustments so that they can be understood even better. In the near future, you will see more of these changes in the application.